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dr. griff is a joke!

Wha dr. griff needing a security clearance to discuss theory? Truly makes zero sense. I'm happy how you verified we never met in person. I stated “I watched a youtube video, and saw you there” (implying video). dr. griff interjected, “I'd like to clarify we have never “met” in person, and watched youtube with me in the video.” I saw him on youtube, this action does not stipulate or suggest I met him on youtube ←thats unrealistic. unnecessary clarification required. Don't boast call me, when people call, you act as if you have a lawyer present. Don't call yourself a truth seeker if truth is ur last representation. Honey, if this is what your paid to do, I'd say your ethic of business is skewed. 911's a definite joke. ahem After speaking to dr. griff, he felt suspect..

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