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Wild Mint

I've been smoking Green Cross for almost 2 years, my favorite strain Alien Bubba. Green Cross herbicide/pesticide free, packed with flavor, delivering one hell of a punch, sealed in glass jars. 1/8 ounce 20.00 midline price for amazing consistent product. Crystals age beautifully over time. I recently discovered Wild Mint&GreenCross are same company, Wild Mint makes assortment of topicals. My personal favorites “Rest” what product smells like White Chocolate Lavender, after 24 hrs, scent left on skin smelled light and breezy. I purchased Plain Jane Unscented CBD Pain Relief Lotion 1.5 ounces 19.00. I use as facial moisturizer, product absorbs into my skin, and my skin feels soft and supple.

I can feel blood flow in face, skin tightening (People won't need botox after finding gem of product.), vibrant, and relaxed. Oh, my hands showed serious signs of aging, I have used product for over a week. My hands are back to 20 years of age. My skin fickle as fuck, finding a product that works is hell, countless money spent!!!! Yep, my skin hates about anything, becomes immune, combo's out!! Designer conscientious of ingredients has cut no corner. For me product is fountain of youth, but has multiple uses sunburn, headache, jointaches. Wild Mint Topicals and Green Cross can be found in Tacoma, Belfair, Olympia, Walla Walla, Buckley, Rochester.

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