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chris burken

dude works @company talked incessantlyabout divorce. How wife cheated, had child by another man. What chris never dicussed why wife went off deep end. Gave for arrangement for divorce. he gave wife everything she demanded and then some. People he works with are so fuckin 2 faced. Oh, chris so sorry this happened. When “friends” aren't in his face truth comes out. chris bi-polar, over medicated, a fool. chris didn't want to spend years tied in court, and wanted divorce.

colin, venice, and dave talked about chris like a mad dog. I didn't feel bad for nigga at all. I asked questions about marriage nigga got mad b/c I didn't give sympathy the way he expected. I'm not hear to kiss boo-boo or stroke ego as most do. he didn't like logical questions. “What caused ur wife to go off deep end?” boy did nigga turn red. chris didn't want to discuss that at all.she's fuckin crazy he'd say with indignation. chris a pathetic boy who doesn't realize wrong he caused in marriage. Made for a better story, poor broke baby. What is funnier after divorce he married a second time, 3 months after divorce. he needed new wife's money to support him. Since chris was cash poor. co-workers stroke his dick.chris's so called friends talk about him like a milked tit What awesome friends

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