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fucking ironic

My Grandmother and mother, wart's mother, and wart suffer borderline personalities. All unaware of one another. My mother can click from mary poppins to a down right abusive asshole in a heart beat have zero recollection of event ever taking place, like a removed memory. Our memories do not line up.

I remember abuse, and sandy who laughs, “don't you remember how we did this and that?”. My face shows nothing but frustration. sandy paints a tale of lies and untruths. Its how sandy protects sanity, programming in effect delta mode. sandy's years of abusing speed, meth, crack, and other various drugs. Not ball busting “truths” through observation are my theories hatched.

sandy fried liver, removal of gallbladder, breast cancer, thyriod disorder, hepitis c, thanx to use of drugs. sandy claims her memory isn't so good. Thats bullshit, I've learned people who tend to say that have good memory. she recalls events when complimentary.

There are many misplaced happy memories which never happened. How sandy told people I am a liar, and tried to diminish me by being blatantly cruel. Switch after being beat badly she'd put me in a tub to help reduce swelling and bruising. Life with sandy was strange.

wart's mother disassociative delusional lacks empathy and warmth. Racist upset wart married partially white. woman gives serious chill, she feels so alien to me its disgusting. I sold my engagement ring to keep us going. All wart's mother said, “My husband never got me an engagement ring.” How out of touch. A few days later wart's smother wants to yank his ass to texas b/c grandma wart has cancer. wart is now receiving news on cancerous grandma? Like g. wart just developed cancer? Wants wart to be her bell-hop. Like wart's mom is ready to start a life with son.

wart's delusional period, as rest of his brothers. These boys cheat, steal, and lie. Wives are no better. wives on doses of prescription drug. One needs prescripts baby of chernobyl fucked her system and other is crazy. We did one family reunion we failed to bond.

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