Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composes scandalous short stories. Fuck My Thoughts documents My alleged abused life, and how I remained Dominant. How fantasies corrupt self actualization.

Fuck My Thoughts exposes abusive homewrecking relationships, alleged conspiracy for Murder. Need Live from an Intuitive Domme Advice for acrimonious affairs? Alisssandra offers a compilation of diabolical deviant short stories. Marital affairs, exposing dark ethics in consent, Femdomme philosophy, financial ruination, phonesex, gossip. Articles encompass love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact @ niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext 0189705. Content does not depict Author.

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What was before and after

People have called me over years Man hater, male basher, and lesbian (hell, wart thinks I'm a lesbian cuz I won't fuck him)). Whatta dummi, he purchased cow, and his prize free 🍯? hehe. I tired of his quick dick, sex ain't that important, wart's self esteem runs on sex. I live with mentality I'd rather go without sex than have bad sex. My life a developed path of Dominance. I'm charming, funny, and intellectual. When I tell most Abuse has nothing to do with Dominance most hang up. Better to be upfront than waste client's time. Submitting to a Dominant Woman was to prepare boys for marriage. Dominant Women taught boys to act accordingly, so when time came for student to be married he'd have a better understanding of partnership, equality, and communication. Women in return went to finishing schools. This is where humanity fucked up. Educated separately, separated men and women. Individuals wanted order instead individuality. Today gender discrimination, bias, battle of sexes. That shit is bull shit. When people are hurt what happens to men or women? People become hurt, angry, upset, or enraged. Please explain difference in gender? Zero difference in response, I want revenge, death, and chaos. Men and Women petulant children who think and believe acting out pain, sorrow, grief, or vengeance. Now truly makes both parties involved assholes. How can couples declare who is right when both are clearly wrong? Both vile scumbags. Equality in revenge, but no one wants to be responsible for cause or action of direct fallout?, and conveniently blame partner isn't that called denial?

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