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U fucked up

Weird people follow Me, him, and us. What did he do rip off the mafia? and wart didn't think Asian would not notice bits of incremental money missing? Fuck u they are Asian!! Assholes keep up with Dewey decimal points in stock exchange, wormholing money? I feel as if body snatchers took wart's body by age 12. It's said parasites enter through eye when wart was 2 he suffered eye injury. Parents didn't detect injury immediately. Parasites grow over time. Parasite needs drugs, money, and sex live on base levels of reality. Shit, If I have to say all of that. I was bitten by pitbull age 5. I'm still Me, meaning dog was not infected by parasite. How base level when he's stressed, panicked, and overwhelmed he needs to stick cock in any hole. his immature logic, momma wart fucked her boys up when began fucking sons. wart's sexually abused self shows sign of damage and breakdown. This is what u get for fucking with a 🐢

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