Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composes scandalous short stories. Fuck My Thoughts documents My alleged abused life, and how I remained Dominant. How fantasies corrupt self actualization.

Fuck My Thoughts exposes abusive homewrecking relationships, alleged conspiracy for Murder. Need Live from an Intuitive Domme Advice for acrimonious affairs? Alisssandra offers a compilation of diabolical deviant short stories. Marital affairs, exposing dark ethics in consent, Femdomme philosophy, financial ruination, phonesex, gossip. Articles encompass love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact @ niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext 0189705. Content does not depict Author.

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What am I saying

wart lasts seven minutes in bed normally. When he's pumped on that shit nigga can fuck all night. wart a sexual subservient, he will eat any woman's dirty pussy. He never completely cleans crust from fingers, face, or mouth. He never showers when he comes home, and he willingly sits in their funk to feel closer to that slut. He rinses after he's done fucking over there. He thinks I am a live in cuck. Wait till he's kicked on ass, and daddie can take first swing. wart will not be in my care, ward, sanctuary, or around. Climb out ur window at 4 am, have bitch throw rox at window, and be 16!! Live ur poppycocked romances! Boy ain't nobody stopping u, u don't want intervention, u want to be enabled, find any bitch out here smoking crack, meth, and opiates. Keep minstrel in back pocket cuz the boss's daughter won't be there forever. She needs a summer love to round out before she marries, or leaves boyfriend for My husband. wart wants to marry into any drug cartel, so his drugs are consistent. Daughter in med field already what a perfect match. My husband refuses to leave job bc he's fucking 2 sisters and a daughter. He loves family fun! It's like he never left home. Instead of brothers he has sisters. Better for wart to fuck at work than at home. Mommy wart didn't want to touch husband bc she knew he cheated. It was easier to fuck her boys. Bc stigma placed on her decrepit looks. Yes, she is that ugly. The disabled degenerate used pity, emotionally abused sons to get sex she wanted from children. What a sick scene. My family is all about family fun. My mom raised with family fun and fucked up children. my mom is incestuous just like daddie and just as preditory like Grandpa. My mom and sis have sex, get high, and I am sure on more than one occasion brought my sister's baby daddy into the mix. I live in a world of insane.

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