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How r u going to marry a man u don't love?

ew, I wish, I was saved from alter @ Justice of The Peace. No, one stopped me from making the biggest mistake and regret. girlfriend why u gunna marry a boy knowing damn well u don't love can't substitute reality and interject ur own.

Bride and groom drug addicts so things are perfect, what happens when trustfunds dry up? Stable employment important, but what happens when drug deals go bad? Well, arrest, death, shooting, stabbing, ultimately death. Bride and Groom are unstable, drugged out working with general public what a complete hazard.

when bride and groom sweat toxic fumes erupt adults, children, and animals inhale 2nd hand meth smoke. Don't u miss romps at dairy Queen, swinging in for lunch at silver rock, red Robin, 20th hole, garege, enjoy going to barber shop, enjoy a sleeping bag together in backbed of that old twilight looking truck @ hud channel, frequent Ruston go to the German house often? Follow up with Maura's ice cream yummy.

Does ew drive like a maniac through cautionary lights? Visit owl and thistle, enjoy the buckle go to Macy's often, library.

What about Seattle fuck on the ferry makes g feel sexually adventurous. Enjoy cabins in winter camping, did she put a Christmas tree up fer ya?

Head over to dash point, randy summit, favorite places for meteor showers. Oh, visit D.h? Head out for daddies day and celebrate with fellow employed drug addicts. Oh,there is animal venue tied into that. Travel south going grey hotel? towards Oregon, Newport Beach visit little tavern in quaint town, California, San Fransisco visit Alcatraz, santa Monica, Hollywood, and perhaps Flagstaff Arizona meet auntie who can't make to wedding, but has a gift.

Do a lot of night driving? Hit trails, bust down back roads. Hit pier. I imagine is ur honeymoon. Visit fritz sample new flavors together? wart knows k. huff and he visit from 2006 - 2016 where he vacationed and partied. ew will drive distance for wart. Give it a year boy. :) *sinister laugh*

Acknowledge time/date stamps 11-26-2006, pay attention (112), 2+6=(8)6=14, 1+4=(5) timestamp 11:12 am adds 5. They use number patterns to signify themselves. Look for 112, 85, 87, 123. Does she play with ur numbers 2?

warts attended competitions with her. Go to Jimmy john order Vito it's her favorite. Do u call her to say, “how much u miss, want, and luv her?” Does vegasbaby keep u on a clock? She controls ur penis like hair do.

As miles pass on car when do u hi five certain miles? Enjoy Yellowstone together on several occasions it's what toad did on his off time. fuck ew low, slow, from behind? boy do u acknowledge w as u and em drive by sign. boy is a replacement, substitute, or rebound is good enough cuz u will never meet her expectation. I've already been down path with my husband bc of her.

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