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The game is afoot

Newlyweds married a week g boy now has ew right in his clutches. Fighting ensues, roxief claims, “I ruined vegasbaby's life?” That's rich… Didn't u have wedding, vows, and gifts at reception? wedding looks cheap, hope cake was better, went cheap on photos.

Let a child loose with a camera ur gunna regret decision. Photographer captures Miss Piggie in ya, kind of frightening.

Meanwhile we are displaced, how can I ruin ur life when I'm outside? Ladies wanna take in a displaced married man and support him through divorce?

g married ew, now accept slutty wife, comes home to u and plans vacations with lovers. Eventually ew will make u feel out of place, a lil uncomfortable, places u once enjoyed suddenly food goes shitty, but polite to say anything. right boy that eat shit.

cutenkinkycourtney pretended to love wart, and wart believed her. He left military, left IT position, and landed @ company. Thanx to help from vegasbaby's daddie used name to help advance wart. wart left position at company, but wart refused to divorce.

wart's baby momma had hardee 6 yrs ago, and has 12 yrs of child support to pay. Yeah, I supported my husband so he could fund lovers. I will not support his ass through lovers and a child. That nigga must be insane.

wart fears divorce, how much debt are we totally in? What has he ventured into that will follow Me throughout life? As My mother told Me growing up, “It's not about you it's about how you make me look. Test me, I won't hesitate to whip your ass in public.”

vegasbaby says, “I want my life fuck husband”, and watch her spend ur money, and down low take another man's money. vegasbaby loves Poppin pussy, girl's a sexaholic doped up on meth fucks for hours.

Marriage is detrimental to my mental health. I didn't learn shit about commitment, love, trust, patience, or joy. Like wart says, “Nobody married wants to be happy.”

Oh? Well, no sex, no sex, and no sex. I am a chastity device for My pussy. If around anyone I find unappealing My pussy goes on automatic lock. Don't ask Me if I want a drink. Nope, brought my weed to calm my cptsd, anxiety, and ocd.

I'm not here to impress upon, I'm here to give an honest response. Bi gay boys are a turn off, how fucking, sick, gross, and disgusting!

If that's the case u have soiled lips for women on planet Earth no woman want a kiss from a man whose eatin ass or suck men's cocks gay ass fag pretending to be bi. The only time u want a woman is when she's pegging ass from behind pretending ur str-8.

vegasbaby's pansexual, bisexual, orgy, gang related, she doesn't give a shit about cock size as long as Mr. Daddie frontin bill. Expect funds to be separated.

(e wallgren aka vegasbaby, roxief, cutenkinkycourtney)

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