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Drug house

My husband gave k Swiss army knife to loose ass pussy. He's ready to make it official. Hope divorce goes well for looseasspussy. Last day fair, guess what I spy with my lil nose smell of cooking meth at drughouse. Alleged facts ron, arin, and l stole money, equipment, and machinery.

Not once did owners call sheriff mcnasty to report missing items. Hmm something seems fishy. I guess it's the Christian thing to do. According to dee: Owners fired ron, arin quit bc of sexual harassment.

Used L as example put substance in bathroom and purse they needed a Patsy. dee found stash behind toilet, cops called, and L taken into custody. why wasn't substance found sooner? L was viable until new employees arrived, and royally fucked her over in the name of Jesus Christ.

Hire drug addicts from temp agencies. If tests were run charges could be debunked due to transient drugged out employees. Place run the fuck down, standing on last leg. Good place for a front.

Don't let that fool ya, double books and my husband ready to offer accounting skills. Dee stated, “Owners eat pretty fucking well and boys spend, spend, and spend.”

dee, what a clutzy spy and say anything hoping to gather viable Intel. Well, I'm countering your intelligence, curious in how far u'll drag lie. Damn, ready to run with it :).

dee needs to protect daddy from wolves, suffers Stockholm syndrome. Love your captor.

From My Perspective - boys depend on daddy, and daddy encouraged behaviour. instead of allowing boys to problem solve, and properly adjust with age, reality today, “Daddy, can you take care of this.”

Levels of such dependability detrimental to mental and emotional health. Not given proper levels of maturation left severely undernourished, and deficiency happens when not allowed to make decisions that's abuse. When Daddy dies boys are left on ass

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