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laura lee tucker fuck saving face pic

My irresponsible husband randall Hartmann's baby photo, and Adult photo, and alleged child. Right along with laura lee. What's missing? Photos of sperm donator…hmm

u see young adult standing with Me, My Daughter, say hello to Mer who is on the streets, while hadlee has a cozy bed to sleep on.

While My Daughter suffered, suffers, I am throwing hadlee out window, My Daughter has zero protection, and ur not My secret to keep :), I'll expose sowwy ass laura lee kicking it @ 1010 Barkley ln. why My husband needs a convenient excuse to shove lil secret shit stain back diaper bin

Well momma bear looks like we have a predicament. Once I have u and hapless brought in for DNA testing, check for 2* marriage certificate. I will have effectively made hapless an orphan, and funny considering u run a foster center.

a 50 yr old named on birth certificate?, and coming To My husband for Money? Got a second one one the way, can't be sure cuz u look like the great pumpkin.

My husband tells Me, I'm crazy, I don't think so,, concieved hadlee in Cal lab in japan, told peeps u went to adudabi? I'm sorry to missed blessed event.

hell-bent on claiming what u think is ur's stake it cunt., 250.00 for 3 days a week at Potter's learning center. u stole, he stole, I smell criminal activity.

Afraid to Lawyer Up case to hot? Think I'm bluffing, I say, “better call Me on Bluff :)”

laura lee's photographer wanted my husband to scope out family photos without him. Oh, congrats on banking baby 2. Honestly, if my worthless husband has a child with another woman, shouldn't I know how bitch is affecting My Finances. I want paternity confirmed the way he wanted My Pregnancies confirmed.

Paternity has not been proven, and daddy doesn't exist on birth certificate. If cunt blackmailed My husband legally I can pursue u in court, since we are married.

Extortion is against the law, and if he is daddie under different alias proves conspiracy, fraud, identity theft and possible bigamy.

Sure, our marriage might be dead, but we are not Divorced, dummie

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