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What if it's not true

ran, “what if your wrong?” My blazing statement, “None of this is proven in court.”

I can say whatever the Fuck I want, since Information isn't proven.

fun Facts My husband sited My Mental Health for leaving his job.

I didn't have a bed to sleep in for over 10 yrs.

My husband didn't want a home with Me, because he knows once a home is involved. Then I can take his trust fund. Since rand informed Me, I married for his money. It's what he tells everyone.

Everytime randy leave and return, he'd say, “when I come home, I realize I never miss anyone.” Statements like that always left Me feeling empty and alone.

I told My husband, buy Me this ring u never have to buy Me anything else. randall, happily agreed. I sold My ring :)

When On cam I look like a poor Russian girl..thanx to accommodations.

1200.00 what I made covered the rest of our expenses. randy, had a woman who was happy to share equally in our bills. he's fucked Me out of three Jobs. Now rand will understand what it takes to be financially responsible For Me, his Wife.

randy, didn't account for medical, vehicular, or what if moments. I don't give a shit about My husband's name cuz he didn't Care Enough About Mine. Humiliation Not for Him, but Us.

ran (he's good for running), can say whatever he wants, until we Face A Judge.

Never shit where u eat.

2015 randall contacted a lawyer in California to check his options.

didn't make Me aware of any of what he was doing. I am taking What's Mine.

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