Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composes scandalous short stories. Fuck My Thoughts documents My alleged abused life, and how I remained Dominant. How fantasies corrupt self actualization.

Fuck My Thoughts exposes abusive homewrecking relationships, alleged conspiracy for Murder. Need Live from an Intuitive Domme Advice for acrimonious affairs? Alisssandra offers a compilation of diabolical deviant short stories. Marital affairs, exposing dark ethics in consent, Femdomme philosophy, financial ruination, phonesex, gossip. Articles encompass love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact @ niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext 0189705. Content does not depict Author.

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niteflirt tiny sissy!!

Checking in on My bitch?? Oh, that voice.

Don't ever tell Me, u were loyal, punk mutha fucka continue to harass Me =} I'll expose u.

I don't like harassment, and like a true chattykathy. I'll put ur reputation out for people to JUDGE. Better think about ur actions, silly Catholic school gurl. Beat off to that!

I don't want u calling Me, I'm done, walk away with tail in-between legs. I Won't Accept ur Abuse Anymore.“ Are u Clear?, Or I beat ever living shit out of u here. I own u, shut the fuck up, and disappear.

I guess My lil bitch wants to feel assaulted in crossfire. u've always wanted to be kurupted!! Again choices are choice In Life. Why r u willing to pull trigger? Hm?

Is ur life that dull?

Fuck, thinking about years u didn't pay….offers open season for casual conversation. Gave information willingly and freely. Wanted to take advantage of My Kindness, allow Me to Repay u.

Thank u for telling Me, My pussy paid for everything…Meaning I paid for her things With My Earned Income.

Thank u for letting Me Know, I'm the JOKE. jeff owen…I will Never be into age play. Since we're friends, I need to talk other people about ur life.

Let Me discuss ur's in open Transparency. Hmm..thinking confidentiality isn't important, think Again. I have been nothing but confidential with ur secrets. Betrayed Me from The Start MuthaFucka. Tell Me A Joke…ahh..Missed it from beginning.

I never in fantasy gave u room for u to ever Treat Me like a slut, whore, or prostitute. The way u expected laura to work for it. The way My current husband expected Me to work for it Eat a dick.

I hate people who pretend to be My friend, see how it fucks ur asshole. Truthfully info has More Value than $$$$. Want Me to name ur family?

Talk about ur fantasies that u share with Me with loved ones? Inner most personal thoughts? Hmmm? Tell Me that's Not Important.

I have am Real, have been for long Time….Time to unmask ur character..mind controlled test tube baby. Twitter feels like a good place to start.

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