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Fuck My Thoughts explores exploitation, abuse, and conspiracy for alleged Murder. Want Live Humiliating Advice, or Str-8 Advice for Twisted Subjects. Topics based on Vanity, delusional fantasies, exposing dark ethics in Negative Dominance, Philosophy, financial ruination, Phonesex, gossip. Articles commentating love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact Alisssandra @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext: 0189705 receive 5 free minutes with rating and written feedback for calls over 15 minutes.

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randy hartman

Since emily wallgren owns and uses randy hartman. I'll simply abuse u sleep on the streets for ur bitch and suffer for ur lolita goddess.

I don't give a shit if u eat, sleep, or shit. I want emily to put ur ass down.

Let emily hypnotize u to a sweet slumber as My cousin Kelly was put down.

Killing him is a blessing. I want randy hartman piece of shit I married dead. Fucking closet fag! I hate people like him. Can't identify with his own sexual needs or wants.

Wanted to Fuck My Daughter and I up? Well, let Me fuck u up for a change. I think randy hartman fucked My Daughter. Can't wait to bring Mercedes in for questioning.

So be it, be her's 24 hrs a day ;) sleep where emily wallgren will have u :). emily wallgren will tuck u in at night. randy hartman is available 24/7 at ur disposal. My husband wants to treat Me like a bitch, I'll treat u like a dog.

he will NOT stay with Me to serve u. :) Assed out.

Fuck nasty, drugged, and infected women. No worries on reinfecting.

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