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07/09/2020 whippedboy11

Kinda boring. REALLY likes to hear herself talk. For the operator, if you're going to present yourself as somebody who is trying to present goals or Solutions, Maybe let the listener know what those may be?

Dip shit, I AM Not sorry for u, pity fuck not included. I humiliate assholes :). cocksucker, wants hypno therapy meaning drug therapy.

If I like to talk, dildo isn't listening.

I want My client lucid, aware, and present. Drugs dull desired effects I want lil Bois crying…

Title states Devil's Advocate. blaming others for ur actions is incorrect bc how others treat u?

The situation is he wants to be abused/humiliated for another person's pleasure. There is No Cure, Solution, or Goal. It's a game, I'm giving him reality which socio narcissistists will never acknowledge.

allowed others to take advantage of u be responsible for choices u made. Using how people treat u is a piss poor excuse in victimizing people.

asshole, disconnected with reality. A 55 yr old boi wants Me to have pity, sympathy, or empathy? Not at 1.99 per minute.

Feeling sorry for u? Why when u allowed others to abuse u without ur consent?

What I know is I have been abused 43 yrs come @ugust 14th…I will never become my situation or circumstance. My question why do that to somebody else?

Free masturbation material.

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