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Oh, caroline the 1975


Great rendition or homage “dream a little dream” released march 3, 1989.

Somebody to love

Remake boys of summer don Henley. released October 26, 1984

Oh, Caroline song analysis brings me to my future ex's pleas “I will try, do, and say anything to make Me stay.”

After fucking life up for years. horrendous sex, I have never experienced an orgasm with his dick, (or anyone else for matter of fact)).

Generally better flying solo meaning masturbation zero risk of disappointment. dildos aren't an option tried once a cringing nightmare. I must have a Cinderella pussy!! Looking for right fit.

My future x loves freak ass shit, cuz if dick can't at least a dildo can. When I say freaky ass shit put imagination to use in all perverse concepts my mind can't fathom or conceptualize.

My future ex at least has brought me an orgasm with his digits. Why spontaneous orgasm? I knew he was leaving so therefore a part of me relaxed. I told my future ex I knew he was leaving that night he denied departing.

Ladies and gentlemen he was gone that afternoon. Leaving our marriage in a non finalized state.

Why stay with somebody who has no intention of truly stepping up or owning past mistakes? I hate line about being cucked if people enjoy lifestyle who am I to disagree.

I don't enjoy lifestyle at all, nigga took what we had to give to his children and babies mamas.

Screwed Me, My child, and Granddaughter out of a life.

When I hear Caroline, honestly reminds me of future x. Song written in reverse.

What I feel randy allen hartman's plea of lies and insincerity spewing from rectum.

Asking me to accept him for who randy allen hartman is??

Stalking is a crime, I can't use unlawful entry, car is still in our name.

Wouldn't it be funny if u were located in Clarksville.

Question what alias are u using? have a million.

I married a dick which is appropriately used…all it takes is a little tap..down like a bitch.

Many men and women experienced such situations where their trapped by a narcissist. I know, I'm not only one, but I'm not afraid penning story in white and black.

In black and white many shades of grey in between. I'll forever be looking over my shoulder Thanx to u and other extenuating circumstances.

Relationships are dead why? Somebody will end up a liar without fail. On Cam…u'll never touch Me, nothing won't ever happen I don't want happening. Safest form of sex.

I keep and kept interaction to a minimum, hugging, touching, holding hands, cuddling, kissing makes Me want to vomit.

We slept in same place during different times, when we bought a house we slept in 2 different rooms. I stopped hugging child and spouse. After 20 yrs, I'm slowly working on touch.

Idea of sex is worse with another human. More than likely I'll wind up disappointed, awkward, and ready to leave. Nothing left to say if sex is wretched.

After experiencing sex with future ex. 2001 sex was neutral. 2005 when we married sex non existent. 2015 is when shit hit fan.

I don't care what another person's sexuality is but put sexuality on notice so I know not to touch u.

Bi sexuality is not for Me on any level. I don't want to fuck bi males. Sorry knowing u've had cock or ass in mouth ugh, tongue on tongue guy action. ur more gay than bi not hetero. Bi sexuality is a cover for men and women who need a beard to hide true sexuality. Sorry turn off.

Shit, asshole I married is gay enough. I don't believe there are str-8 males left on planet. If there are very few and far between.

What I've experienced with him helped keep legs locked possibly permanently.

I do my best in trying to keep Sherman in mind..his philosophy “turn tragedy into comedy.” Reading obituary reminds me..if Sherman followed his path.“ I'll find and follow my own. As for now I am lost…with direction…but no direction.

I'll edit later rough draft

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