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matty healy and taylor swift

What the fuck? matty confuses me… matty states, “I've never been in love.” Feeling something chemical?

Yada, yada…met 2014 dated briefly but due to scheduling neither had time?

trailer trash taylor swift made time for joel in 2016. Fuck bitches gave six years for a unrewarding end. Wanted something which wasn't available imagined fairy tale (yes, constantly chasing ass which will never be available hoping for sloppy seconds.)

Gotta taste pretty gewd with trailer trash taylor's alleged bisexuality I suppose more the merrier. Could it be trailer trash taylor swift is really a lesbian and afraid to admit her own sexuality?

If joel and trailer trash taylor were fuckin around during relationship fuck exactly same. Accept responsibility in action trailer trash taylor swift.

Victimizing others for trailer trash taylor swift's level of victimization and feeling justified in Behaviour.

joel and taylor swift are quite vain and narcissistic. ur right: taylor swift problematic in relationships. trailer trash taylor swift is emotionally unavailable and making same mistakes.

matty healy has much growing up to do. Can't call urself a man if giving an apology when u said, “there's nothing to apologize for.” What da fuck did u omit? Fuck makes matty healy a liar, then humiliate urself on stage? Ugh, Make Me Vomit

Throwing tantrum on stage fuck talk about classic. The emotional energy is honest, but accept what trailer trash taylor has done to others ashame u ignored red flags.

I guess u thought u'd be exception. I'd rather watch u thrash stage vs faux masturbation scene. As soap opera unfolds, what happens when someone feels no one else is paying attention.

how pretentious, self entitled, and ass-oholic people work in today's society.

Oh, on side note people are egregious and totally afraid to speak truth making general population liars. Blaze on controversy…

On personal note: wealthy peeps need a garbage pail kids lux edition needs to be made in honor of celebrities.

Oh, Of course sincerity is SCARY..Why fear of rejection. 10 out 10 simple math one will have feelings where other does not.

One more .. matty healy how would you know people have been calling you a cunt relentlessly? if you've been offline what are mates filling u on what u missed online?

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