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noel gallagher rumored

trailer trash taylor has obviously said, ‘Now look, keep your fucking nose out of that Gallagher business, or we are fucking through,’” Gallagher claimed in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “And he couldn’t help it.”

“And Swifty, God bless her, said, ‘I can’t deal with this shit because once he’s done with you, he is gonna come after me, and I’m not fucking having it. So, I’m sorry, Matty, you gotta go,’” Gallagher added. “Serves him right!”

What an asshole noel gallagher. My question if trailer trash taylor swift has 450 million in fucking bank why fear noel gallagher?

Logic makes zero sense, noel gallagher had nuttin to do with parting ways of matty healy or taylor trailer trash swift.

What clout does one fuck wad cunt nugget possess? Hmm…sounds more like threat after the fact.

Sadder in 1996 our graduating class chose “wonderwall” for theme song. I didn't appreciate song then.

5:02 pm

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