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Conspiracy of Terran Alien Myth, Discovering If Chief Joseph Sr and Jr are Legitimate Ancestors

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Happy belated Birthday Sherman Waller

“I have to remind myself some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. when they fly away, part of you knows it was a sin to lock them up.”

“when they fly away, part of me knows it was a sin to lock away. But still, place I live in is much more drab and empty that they're gone. I just miss my friend.”

Shawskank Redemption

trust u'll pay…for branding Sherman Leon Waller.

Rev. Sherman L. Waller, 59, Junction City, Ks. passed away Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at the University of Kansas Medical Center. A funeral service will take place 10 a.m. Friday, May 9, 2014, at the Second Missionary Baptist Church 701 W. 10th Street in Junction City. Interment will follow the funeral service at the Kansas Veterans'

Cemetery near Manhattan, Ks. A visitation will take place 6-8 p.m. Thursday, May 8, 2014, at the Penwell-Gabel Mass-Hinitt Funeral Chapel 805 Caroline Ave. Memorial contributions may be given to Second Missionary Baptist Church or to the Western Baptist Bible College - Junction City, Ks. both c/o Second Missionary Baptist Church 701 W. 10th Street Junction City, Ks. 66441.

Rev. Sherman L. Waller entered this world on November 24, 1954, the first half of a set of twins to John H. Waller and Edna M. Waller in Memphis, TN, both deceased. He had four brothers, H. Sylvester Waller, John McCarter, deceased, Melvin Waller and James Waller, and two sisters, Vera Gladney and Sheron Durr. The Waller children lost their mother at a fairly young age, but the aunts and uncles stepped up and aided their father in raising them. Sherman married Tina Marie Nichols in 1990 later divorced, but after 19 years of repair and preparation they remarried in 2012.

They had one son which they raised together Anthony Nichols. Although not his by birth, Sherman was his father in every sense of the word since Anthony was 7 years of age. He was a strong presence in his nieces and nephews lives, ensuring they were spoiled along with his two youngest brothers-in-law. He counted himself blessed to be here to help spoil his grandchildren. Sherman was educated in the Memphis school system prior to entering the United States Army.

He served just short of nine years and was Honorable discharged twice. He took great pride in his service and knowing the Military Regulations. He started his college education in Tennessee, but was enrolled in Western Baptist Bible College-Junction City Campus at the time of his death. He loved learning and could always be found with a book or his tablet reading something. He believed in “Study to show thyself approved a workman rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Rev. Waller was baptized as a child in Mt. Philsner Baptist Church in Memphis TN. He later joined Fifth and Adams Pentecostal Church of Junction City, where he accepted his call to the ministry. After a number of years he left the area. In recent year years he returned to this area where he united with Second Missionary Baptist Church joining his family. He continued in the ministry there until his “Twinkling of an eye” passing.

He preached his last public sermon on Monday April 28th and preached to his wife and a friend just minutes before collapsing. Sherman’s ministry was not limited to the church. He talked about the Love of the Father everywhere he went. It was his personal mission to regain the young adult population for the Lord.

A mighty task but he approached it full of the Spirit of God. He let love show in all that he did. Sherman was bubbling over with the Spirit. He loved the Lord and wanted everybody he came in contact with to experience the same opportunity for love and assurance for eternity.

Sherman was a fun loving person and always laughing. If he teased or picked on you, then you could be sure you had passed from acquaintance to friend in his eyes. He was a true blessing to his family. He provided loving care for his wife, doing everything he could to make her illness less painful. That care also extended to his mother-in-law, whom he called and treated as Mom. He said his one regret was that because of his own actions he missed out on so many years of his family’s life. And he learned the importance of keeping

11/25/2022 16:55 · Alisssandra

The 1975 hmmm, cute conspiracy...

The 1975 Wamu concert 4-30-3017

4+3+2+1+7= 17 1+7= 8

Text from Maximus23 3-3-2020

3+3+2+2= 10 1+0= 1

If your 2 shy drops 4-23-2020

4+2+3+2+2= 13 1+3= 4

Time between texts from song drops

3-3-2020 till 4-23-2020

20 days, 7 weeks 2 days, or 51 calendar days

Weekend Days* 14 1+4= 5

Holidays 0

Business Days 37 3+7= 10 1+0= 1

1975 Nashville Concert 11-13-2022

1+1+1+3+2+2+2= 12 1+2= 3

Wamu Concert 4-30-2017

Days in between

Text from Maximus23 3-3-2020

2yrs 10 months 3 days, 34 months 3 days, or 148 weeks 2 days.

Weekend Days* 298 2+9+8= 19 1+9= 10 Holidays (show) 33 3+3= 6 Business Days 707 7+7= 14 1+4= 5

The 1975 Wamu 4-30-2017

Days in between Concerts

The 1975 Nashville 11-13-2022

5 years 6 months 14 days, 66 months 14 days, 289 weeks 0 days or 2023 calendar days

Weekend Days* 578 5+7+8= 20 2+0= 2

Holidays (show) 61 6+1= 7

Business Days 1384 1+3+8+4= 15 1+6= 7

My birthday 8-14-1977

8+1+4+1+9+7+7= 37 3+7= 10 1+0= 1

Matthew Timothy Healy

4+8+1+9+8+9= 39 9+3= 12 1+2= 3

Time between birthdays

11 years 7 months 25 days, 139 months 25 days or 607 weeks 6 days or 4255 calendar days

Weekend Days* 1215 Holidays (show) 120 Business Days 2920

Caroline released 10-14-2022. 2 months after my birthday. Granted My name is not caroline….I take letters from my given name only letter I lack is “R” but My future X's name Randy….hmmm

2 months 0 days or 8 weeks 5 days or 61 calendar days

Dates Between Caroline releases Oct 14, 2022 and till date of concert Nov 13, 2022:

4 weeks 2 day, 30 calendar days Within which, there are:

Weekend Days* 8 Holidays 1 Business Days 21

If your 2 shy released on Apr 23, 2017 and Caroline releases Oct 14, 2022:

5 years 5 months 21 days or 65 months 21 days or 285 weeks 5 days or 2000 calendar days Within which, there are:

Weekend Days* 571 Holidays (show) 60 Business Days 1369

11/25/2022 16:19 · Alisssandra

Fucked up...

Text happens march, 3 2020…screen name reads maximus23 invert x to t…matimus23..

Mat Hebrew Gift of god…carry on “t” over to timus Estonian origin, means Honoring God.

Looks like Matt Timothy..if your 2 shy drops on My mom's birthday April 23rd.

11/24/2022 02:07 · Alisssandra

The 1975 concert 11-13-22 Nashville

I missed filming “the consumption scene”. I have critiques for sequence in concert.

Matty Healy open eyes connect with audience. Tip Make us feel part not disconnected from voyeuristic display.

I witnessed a prepubescent boy who is finding junk for 1st time. One who is masterfully clumsy in bed having zero stamina or control over orgasm.

Well, like most fumbling idiots in bed I suppose ur no different. Thanx for proving what most males lack.

masturbate in front of a mirror become sentient understand what u look like while turned on or when having an orgasm. Convey message to audience.

Don't passively play, motion is ri·​dic·​u·​lous I laughed for all wrong reasons.

Prince, Madonna, Micheal and Janet Jackson are Artists.

“I want to be loved” Matt Healy. Charming, yes…but lacks sincerity. Don't tell us what we want to hear. We want to feel love in message. simply “we all want to feel love.”

Awesome show ;) consumption intermission wasn't necessary. Work on sensuality, sexuality, and teasing audience

11/16/2022 01:07 · Alisssandra

The 1975

Happiness = have penis…thought 4 da day…in song “happiness” is not used once…I'd think of song title “show me love” not happiness

10/27/2022 02:30 · Alisssandra

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