Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composes scandalous short stories. Fuck My Thoughts documents My alleged abused life, and how I remained Dominant. How fantasies corrupt self actualization.

Fuck My Thoughts exposes exploitation, abusive relationships, conspiracy for alleged Murder. Want Live Humiliating Advice, or Str-8 Advice for Twisted Subjects. Marital affairs, exposing dark ethics in consent, Femme Finne dominant philosophy, financial ruination, phonesex, gossip. Articles encompass love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact Alisssandra at niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext 0189705 receive 5 free minutes with a 15 minute call, rating, and written feedback. Content does not depict Author.

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Conspiracy of Terran Alien Myth, I'm in the process of Discovering If Chief Joseph Sr and Jr are Legitimate Ancestors Photos of Chief Joseph and I

My Audio Narrative.

follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

visit My Niteflirt Conspiracy Theories.

Photos of Alleged Child and Parents

Dragon Tales

Yes, I believe in Entities such Demons, Angels, Werewolves, and Vampires oh My! Where does belief stem from?

Knowing more exists feeling passed relatives, ancestors, and remembering My First Guardian Dudley.

Yes, Dudley my imaginary friend from 3 to 8 when he left Me. Who was Dudley? he looked like Sigmond Freud but had British accent.

Dudley watched over Me.. didn't stop ass whoppings, but I feel an emotional outlet for abuse endured.

I have to look at possibilities.

In My dream Dudley's carried off by a rain storm!! Honestly, in bed doesn't have a clue. Screaming at the top of my lungs but my voice drowned by wind and rain.

“Dudley, don't leave me!!”

I woke drenched in tears 8 yrs old looking like a puffer fish. Dudley could have been My first compartmentalization.

Dudley code for shield, empathic protection, embeds abandonment My first personality.

Stone Jade Myth about Jade snaps before an accident. I busted many Jade rings, and had a thick once perfect bracelet now cracked. A decorative piece held in Honor of Ajumma.

Ajumma's love protects, a love truly from beyond. Reminding me, I am Love. My Daughter and I are Dragons and Phoenix's. Meant to be torn apart.

A complicated tale.

03/03/2020 04:50 · Alisssandra

Time for a New Chapter

I am dreaming about Ajumma much lately. Ajumma helped me develop memory at birth. How?

Ajumma wore hair in an Asian style bun, red shirt, Jade necklace, and caramel Tweed pants.

Ajumma liked keeping me around sunlight during Spring. We'd stay in the area where sliding glass doors were.

When I dream, I need to remember Ajumma's love. A golden orb surrounds Ajumma as she holds me, I'm outside myself watching a moment or moments in time.

Ajumma's love protected Me, when I was sent away, I feel Ajumma gave Me every ounce of love Ajumma had was given to Me.

When I was sent away, Ajumma gave her Spirit to ensure My safety.

Ajumma was pure love, but don't cross this woman, bc Ajumma will hug it out over tea and a seasonal fruit.

What I do know is..Ajumma has always meant the world to Me, and sometimes I felt Ajumma was My World. My x chromo never understood how I felt..

How could I love someone I hardly remember?

Ajumma took time to imprint, bond, and willingly connected without fear or prejudice.

Ajumma is My first Memory, and woman helped me define true love.

02/24/2020 17:34 · Alisssandra

allegedly emily wallgren and randy hartman chewtoy and wellgnawed what a good boi

I hope My homewrecking husband continues to play back door man :) playing backdoor when daddy John Hartman wasn't able to care for wife. Loving sons stepped in. Mommy Jan Hartman groomed sons to be men. Fucking her lil babies must have been sexy for Jann hartmann. Missing youngest son's dick. Proud lil boi u gave birth to. Oh jann hartman, I hope ur pussy is saturated with thinking about randy hartman's dick must suck when ur in Burlington.. I'm sure randy hartman paid his mommie a call when in everette.gabriel fahay when u can satisfy emily wallgren tell urself it's ok for her to fuck other men and women…better make sure u get what u want…Cuz she definitely is..damn randy Hartman definitely loves some Ms/Mr. piggie/potatoehead and Humpty dumpty!! he has a fetish for women with humongous foreheads.

02/21/2020 20:34 · Alisssandra

New Subject..

Growth is taking on people whom have harmed Me. Understanding I am not a victim if I held Myself together. Means I learned self actualization at a very young age congruency.

Dominance isn't Physicality, Leather, or Paddles. Dominance begins with Mind not manipulation. No drugs allowed, perhaps a glass of wine, but nothing more.

I want you to feel relaxed, safe, and heard. A submissive's voice is important as a Dominant's Voice.

My double edged sword: I am not here to take advantage of My clients nor abuse them. Unless My client created harm to try and damage Me.

Those slaves are punished with their alleged stories given. My Idea of Financial Domination. Calling Me means forfeiting right to ur money.

I can't confirm or deny what was said, makes for hear say, but stories will be posted. Public flogging.

bois who want hypothetical hypnosis, are u fucking for real? easy to use suggestion with oxy therapy sexy. Drug and string'em out..people are drug addicted already.

Need drugs to help u suck dick? Cuz in ur right mind u wouldn't think to suck another man's dick unless forced on some level.

Riddle Me this: How does ur action alleviate guilt or shame? Oh, suddenly ur programmed, conditioned, and primed? Obviously male subs need sexually open sub women to help coax submissive into cock sucking.

That defeats Dominance.

I'll admit I am turned on by humiliating submissives, but I certainly don't want to fuck the sub I humiliated!! Ew!

I want to fuck a real man after session with non jealous drive!! Loving what I am bringing home to him.

That's Dominant not being ashamed of sex I enjoy :) Generally it's rare when I do enjoy sex. I bother not having sex a complete waste of time.

Why have sex when I know he'll finish in under 2 minutes..with a nasty wad. 15 yrs of marriage… hopefully annulled soon. I don't ever want to talk about this again. That will be fiction soon enough.

Sexual Assertion is important. I don't spread My legs to anybody. I can't imagine living My life sleeping with people. Definitely fun to fantasize :). Here on the phone restrictions don't exist. Excepts Niteflirt Terms Of Service.

02/13/2020 20:39 · Alisssandra

niteflirt sultrymissem and 1randisue

I feel these characters are randy hartman and emily wallgren…1482..1randisue strikes again

02/13/2020 19:53 · Alisssandra

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