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Conspiracy of Terran Alien Myth, Discovering If Chief Joseph Sr and Jr are Legitimate Ancestors Photos of Chief Joseph and I

My Audio Narrative.

follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

visit My Niteflirt Conspiracy Theories.

Photos of Alleged Child and Parents

Huh, goddessdorothy?

Why would u feel sorry for 2 people who may or may not exist if it's My fantasy? Had u written in ur normal dyslexic pattern, strong possibility I'd believe u.

goddessdorothy began niteflirt account in 2002, and justjasmine began 2003. Publication shows emily wallgren was in new york.

Once Facts or fictions are uncovered on justjasmine's niteflirt account Authorities will know if justjasmine was or was not a minor. I'm going in with speculation not fact.

Ahh, My friend why are u suddenly scared?, a true color for coward is..Yellow…

people are in for a world of hurt or not pending how truth unfolds, and possibly closes down niteflirt effectively.

Let's find out how factual or fictional this fantasy truly is by having proper investigation, by separating facts from fiction goddessdorothy.

I'm here to close the deal, dorothy, I have nothing to Run from like Most.

04/02/2020 03:12 · Alisssandra

dompimps a disgrace

Allegedly randy hartman is the crazy German lady who created and dismantled dompimps?

Stands to reason why justjasmine aka allegedly emily wallgren would say, “Without me u wouldn't be fed.”

More to come..dompimps.com creation date 1-20-2005 means allegedly emily wallgren was 18 at present time.

Fucking lieing bastards..

Dorothy, stated time and time again. The only way she's willing to type out anything proper is if she's getting paid, so who's paying Dorothy?

Dorothy's mentor, love slave, whoever he is saved Dorothy's life for tossing her lil black book, he knew Dorothy was in danger, and playing with fire which is why he torched Dorothy's book. dompimps must be loyalty for hire, anything to get the job done. Dompimps Creed: betrayal gets u paid.

I'll assume emily wallgren, and randy hartman flew to New York in 2011 to meet the pimps, and possibly more.

Dorothy loves Swiss cheese…stories with big gaping holes.

Do emily aka blond slave thought she ate the hell out of Dorothy's pussy to warranted a louis vuitton handbag purchase in 2006.

Met in New York 2003, with joel wallgren, emily wallgren, and randy hartman allegedly.

Allegedly They met with the pimps when emily wallgren was 16.

emily wanted to fuck matt, I'm sure any gurl throwing titties in any boy's face would be hard to say no.

This is why Nobody wanted to reprise Dompimps. It stands to reason My husband originated dompimps.

The pimps are scene roleplayers not true pimps or dominants. Essentially Sexual Tops, cuz if the woman's on top means she's in charge. Besides if a client is paying he's in charge is the pimps philosophy. Wrong Answer

If he's paying I'm in Charge, and if I don't like what I hear, I hang up, that's Dominance. I must not need ur money badly enough to remotely Humiliate Myself for any client. Defines Dominant.

Dominants withhold what slaves truly want, and will pay to be With any Dominant bc time spent together is more orgasmic, then spending time in her pussy.

For My standard and belief sex does not play a role in Dominance. I'm not here to Sully My pussy for anything I'd consider substandard. I stopped fucking the man I married, day we Married.

Substandard dick isn't good enough for Me. That's ok he found sub standard pussy or cock to amuse his dick. Fine and time for the Piper to pay up.

Dorothy, Mat, and Jo looks like ur asses are in a heap of shit. What happens when u play with fire? U get burned. Esp when things are handed to fbi.

I'm the fucking Bad Guy!! I'm bringing bitch asses in. I told u to be *nice* hard heads make for soft asses.

03/24/2020 17:27 · Alisssandra

Dragon Tales

Yes, I believe in Entities such Demons, Angels, Werewolves, and Vampires oh My! Where does belief stem from?

Knowing more exists feeling passed relatives, ancestors, and remembering My First Guardian Dudley.

Yes, Dudley my imaginary friend from 3 to 8 when he left Me. Who was Dudley? he looked like Sigmond Freud but had British accent.

Dudley watched over Me.. didn't stop ass whoppings, but I feel an emotional outlet for abuse endured.

I have to look at possibilities.

In My dream Dudley's carried off by a rain storm!! Honestly, in bed doesn't have a clue. Screaming at the top of my lungs but my voice drowned by wind and rain.

“Dudley, don't leave me!!”

I woke drenched in tears 8 yrs old looking like a puffer fish. Dudley could have been My first compartmentalization.

Dudley code for shield, empathic protection, embeds abandonment My first personality.

Stone Jade Myth about Jade snaps before an accident. I busted many Jade rings, and had a thick once perfect bracelet now cracked. A decorative piece held in Honor of Ajumma.

Ajumma's love protects, a love truly from beyond. Reminding me, I am Love. My Daughter and I are Dragons and Phoenix's. Meant to be torn apart.

A complicated tale.

03/03/2020 04:50 · Alisssandra

Time for a New Chapter

I am dreaming about Ajumma much lately. Ajumma helped me develop memory at birth. How?

Ajumma wore hair in an Asian style bun, red shirt, Jade necklace, and caramel Tweed pants.

Ajumma liked keeping me around sunlight during Spring. We'd stay in the area where sliding glass doors were.

When I dream, I need to remember Ajumma's love. A golden orb surrounds Ajumma as she holds me, I'm outside myself watching a moment or moments in time.

Ajumma's love protected Me, when I was sent away, I feel Ajumma gave Me every ounce of love Ajumma had was given to Me.

When I was sent away, Ajumma gave her Spirit to ensure My safety.

Ajumma was pure love, but don't cross this woman, bc Ajumma will hug it out over tea and a seasonal fruit.

What I do know is..Ajumma has always meant the world to Me, and sometimes I felt Ajumma was My World. My x chromo never understood how I felt..

How could I love someone I hardly remember?

Ajumma took time to imprint, bond, and willingly connected without fear or prejudice.

Ajumma is My first Memory, and woman helped me define true love.

02/24/2020 17:34 · Alisssandra

allegedly emily wallgren and randy hartman chewtoy and wellgnawed what a good boi

I hope My homewrecking husband continues to play back door man :) playing backdoor when daddy John Hartman wasn't able to care for wife. Loving sons stepped in. Mommy Jan Hartman groomed sons to be men. Fucking her lil babies must have been sexy for Jann hartmann. Missing youngest son's dick. Proud lil boi u gave birth to. Oh jann hartman, I hope ur pussy is saturated with thinking about randy hartman's dick must suck when ur in Burlington.. I'm sure randy hartman paid his mommie a call when in everette.gabriel fahay when u can satisfy emily wallgren tell urself it's ok for her to fuck other men and women…better make sure u get what u want…Cuz she definitely is..damn randy Hartman definitely loves some Ms/Mr. piggie/potatoehead and Humpty dumpty!! he has a fetish for women with humongous foreheads.

02/21/2020 20:34 · Alisssandra

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