Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composes scandalous short stories. Fuck My Thoughts documents My alleged abused life, and how I remained Dominant. How fantasies corrupt self actualization.

Fuck My Thoughts exposes abusive homewrecking relationships, alleged conspiracy for Murder. Need Live from an Intuitive Domme Advice for acrimonious affairs? Alisssandra offers a compilation of diabolical deviant short stories. Marital affairs, exposing dark ethics in consent, Femdomme philosophy, financial ruination, phonesex, gossip. Articles encompass love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact @ niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext 0189705. Content does not depict Author.

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Conspiracy of Terran Alien Myth, Discovering If Chief Joseph Sr and Jr are Legitimate Ancestors

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Facebook Homewrecking My fucking husband randy allen hartman

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My husband randy allen hartman Photos of Alleged Children

Porn, porn, porn

No, clue Twitter had that much porn. Damn, I spent day blocking twits for porn accounts sex made so accessible. Sad almost sex for fun, money, or addiction,

Usually I don't give a shit porn its all the same. Meaning sexual acts are same. After awhile characters look alike, feel same. Playing to camera hoping to convey some type of driven emotion.

Takes away from true intimacy. Peeps who are not happy with marriage use porn as an escape from detrimental issues in marriage hence breakdown in communication. What once was bonded begins to unravel.

Vows bastardized, taken for granted, and ultimately abused by both parties. Doesn't matter who is wrong, threw first stone, or committed first sin.

Breech in commitments step forth, breaking contract, and relationship certainly dead on arrival.

What's left porn, physical act, and winding up with narcissist who feels they'd treat u better than zombie partner or spouse married. gender does not matter.

Finding outside partner sharing kinks, fetishes, needs, wants, and desires. Something cheating spouse can't share with partner fearing partner's response.

Better share with someone who understands but wouldn't make a wife or husband. Whore understands u but her/him a special partner sharing drug, sex, money, and co dependency.

My future x found such upstanding whore. When fecal material hit proverbial oscillator. My future x expected me to accept what he could not tell me about himself, but gets off on shame and guilt randy allen hartman's consistent drug.

What am I Jesus who supposed to accept whore Mary Magdalene for nature? Good thing I'm not Jesus.

01/16/2023 01:21 · Alisssandra

Fucking irony

1-12-23….the 1975 has concert taylor swift performs a couple tunes. My future x husband's lover birthday 1-12-87. Fuck he's known whore since B4 we met. soundtrack based on taylor swift for emily wallgren and randy allen hartman's relationship.

What a rewounded injury not like band would have such knowledge, but irony. 1975 marx definite end after going through motions for years randy and I. My metaphor for my relationships endless revolving door for psychos, sociopaths, and pathological liars. Fuck I'm sick of jokers, clowns, and Dr. Jekyll's.

I must have stamped across my forehead interested in criminally insane. Depressing thought….

I have not seen actual cock in four years. Meaning celibate, zero sex, and abstinent. I'm not a lesbian, perfectly str-8, afraid of finding more psychotic assholes who might complete what future x couldn't. Completely logical in thought.

Final thought I was wrong in assessment. I accept and acknowledge I am wrong. chalked ironic alignment. Quest continued

01/14/2023 16:04 · Alisssandra


Business is weird as fuck. Actively began 2005 and have been on hiatus for quite sometime.

I have a job, actively blocked 90% of My clients. Knowing My future x sent so called friends My way makes for awkward situation. Esp after meeting a few.

From 2005 to 2008 it was all about what My client fantasized. 2015 to 2018 clients are now asking Me what are My fantasies?

I'm not charging enough. Sharing what I fantasize with a customer feels impersonal, invading, and degrading especially with so called slave *Uck* like ur privy to such thoughts or feelings?

So not Me… fuck something I've never shared with anyone. Why? *Ugh*

Even worse thought fucking a slave someone Completely beneath Me??? Serious contradiction in terms. Thinking ur worth value of My Vag??? Marinate on thought for a second.

time to move on to something new. I'd rather spend My day on phone humiliating fucktards. Helping clients see error in narcissism.

Case and Point if u can't make wife moist what makes Me believe u have ability in doing anything for Me? males believe tomfoolery hare brained idiocy.

Trust most guys can't pull pork trying to stutter full sentence mood and buzz kill. What I hear mutterings, grunts, and groans. Expected to get u off? Want sexually charged Domme? Reality dommes are submissive and clients are Dominant.

Heh Prostitute, oh, as a long as Domme's on top or fucking u from behind, I guess she's in charge for a moment. Advice find big dick to satisfy want for real dick. Stop hiding true sexuality due to feeling shame, fearing what others think, and grow the fuck up.

I hate yelling, screaming, or use of insults. Tactics are unnecessary in making a point evolving is necessary.

The idea of making u hot, horny, sexually viable. Honestly makes Me sick no matter what I'm charging.

My first blog fuck I even became bored with My creation after awhile. Akin to Dr. Seuss adult style and I let first site go, banned in 52 countries due to adult written content.

01/11/2023 02:13 · Alisssandra

Had I'd known..

Oddities about me born on new/black moon, mercury in retro, and Venus in cancer. Considered oddities or rarities in natal chart.

Time putting ink to paper and try to close out mystery. Key people I need are dead only me left in solving looming cloud in my wake.

Fucked shit future x has said, “I'm holy grail, golden chalis, blood of Christ, and fountain of youth.” Illuminati masonic ties families are established.

Abused I was..(muthafuckas, pity I don't need fucking read..) Tried to beat one thing which could not be extinguished in me My Love.

Why pervert, Debase, or pollute Me? I was meant for greater good my love spanning global status.

Time for true dawn of era and stopping old error. Tyrannical bastards to bad u've lost on my account.

Trust process has been achieved with John Morgan. I met John online and he mentored me with energy work. Began meditative lesson plan and was at merkaba level in under 2 years.

Began 2008 house meditation where we met in astral field/plane. Basic idea I took south side and John took west side. Pulling negative energy into house as much house could stand literally busting at seams.

Send back into universe for transmutation hence creating positive energy philosophy. Best work I've ever been involved.

Odd weather events encountered

Mount St Helens 5-18-1980 I was 2 years 9 months 4 days

5+1+8+1+9+8+0= 23 2+3=5

Manhattan KS great flood of 1993. Length of flood from May thru September 93. we were leaving for West Virginia in September.

West Virginia experienced 2 state of emergency snowstorms in 94-95. 3 months of school cancelled.

Moved to Japan October 2, 2008. Energy kept me fed moving magma, volcanic activity, and consistent change. Maintained and sustained me. roosevelt step dad suffers heart attack day B4 I and Mer leave for Japan. Trust zero love lost.

1+2+2+8= 12 1+2 = 3

April 6 2010 went to San Antonio for a visit. Visit April 6th through 20th rain fell 11 days during visit, April 19th day B4 leaving San Antonio gulf leak happens. heather comments most rain I've seen since 93. Apparently I bring rain

4+1+9+2+1= 23 2+3=5

March 11th 2011 Fukushima explodes right along with earthquake. 176 miles from yokosuka. My future ex-husband calls me from barge asking, “did I create earthquake?”

1+7+6= 14 1+4= 5

3+1+1+2+1+1= 9

Aftershocks I was able to measure on Richter scale I was usually off by one or two points.

Leaving Japan in 2013 put me back at ground zero. Points of energy changed depleted in many respects.

Now where I'm located, I can't find John.

I thought cousin would be a better link due to blood. We were always close I wanted Chris for my brother. Someone I truly adored and my hero in many respects gave me courage and confidence.

I hoped cousin would join in journey, but absolute fail. The feeling cousin and I could pull Chief Joseph SR. and JR. Having bloodlines of past and present fill 4 corners of house make Tesla coil efficient on every level with Family.

Twin souls fuck our astrological charts damn near identical. Perfect alignment in several areas. We had so many twilight zone moments. Ability to speak telepathically, say same things at same time. Our common phrase, “get out of my head” We haven't seen one another in 28 yrs, and I dress like my cousin.

I am brain cousin absolute brawn. I was 7 and cousin 12 we decided to race obstacle course. I won cousin accused me of cheating last event climbing pole..when I reached top I slid down pole! Cousin had issues, cuz he literally climbed down pole. Heh.

Speed up 26 yrs. I finally reach my cousin things kick off like old times, time never passed. I bring up meditation/energy transmutation. He brings up sex magic…*ugh* Male brain

I asked, “why not try with current partner?” Where things went sideways. I always thought cousin and I were meant to save planet I felt we were wonder twins from justice league.

My cousin's theory we are supposed to have a child to save planet earth. Oh, fuck I lost my shit.

I have never thought about my cousin in such a capacity.

If my cousin harmed me in any capacity my brain shutdown, blacked out memory and suffers amnesia on some level. He eludes something happened and expects me to call him out. Simple questions turn to an interrogation.

Which makes zero sense for me, but has meaning for him. Chris if u did anything to hurt or harm me might as well fess up. Time of statutory of limitations is up I can't prosecute u. Pride ur biggest sin

We are 5 years 0 months 9 days apart cousin's birthday and future ex's birthday same date

5+9= 14 1+4= 5


         9 yrs exactly between chris and 


01/09/2023 06:39 · Alisssandra

Fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck s'mores!!

Fuck all the Men I need in my life are for fuck sake DEAD!! I'm not widowed but will happily take title when my future x decides to off himself.

Fuck how long will it take? randy allen hartman, darling if in Belton, MS. Lololol..using name Albert? Letters in ur name alert. Pulled b from dorene's last name? we have Albert. dorene blank have a penchant for fucking my friends? Can't call whore a friend..

Looking for work in greenwood 22 miles from Belton MS. Can't really call her a friend if she fucked u in 2008 made naval museum trip memorable. :)) truly with a black widow hard heads make for soft asses!

If trying to throw me from u…either way goose is cooked. Keep burning bitches..*heh*

01/09/2023 06:25 · Alisssandra

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