Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist, Mistress Voice Reader Alisssandra. Composed Scandalous Short Stories enter My dark realism. Fuck My Thoughts experiments with relationships exposing fallacies. how emotions change leading to stagnation. Relationships decay Individualism.

Fuck My Thoughts explores exploitation, abuse, and conspiracy for alleged Murder. Want Live Humiliating Advice, or Str-8 Advice for Twisted Subjects. Topics based on Vanity, delusional fantasies, exposing dark ethics in Negative Dominance, Philosophy, financial ruination, Phonesex, gossip. Articles commentating love, blackmail, commitment, homewrecking. Contact Alisssandra @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 press 3 enter ext: 0189705 receive 5 free minutes with rating and written feedback for calls over 15 minutes.

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Conspiracy of Terran Alien Myth, I'm in the process of Discovering If Chief Joseph Sr and Jr are Legitimate Ancestors Photos of Chief Joseph and I

My Audio Narrative.

follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

visit My Niteflirt Conspiracy Theories.

Photos of Alleged Child and Parents

New Subject..

Growth is taking on people whom have harmed Me. Understanding I am not a victim if I held Myself together. Means I learned self actualization at a very young age congruency.

Dominance isn't Physicality, Leather, or Paddles. Dominance begins with Mind not manipulation. No drugs allowed, perhaps a glass of wine, but nothing more.

I want you to feel relaxed, safe, and heard. A submissive's voice is important as a Dominant's Voice.

My double edged sword: I am not here to take advantage of My clients nor abuse them. Unless My client created harm to try and damage Me.

Those slaves are punished with their alleged stories given. My Idea of Financial Domination. Calling Me means forfeiting right to ur money.

I can't confirm or deny what was said, makes for hear say, but stories will be posted. Public flogging.

bois who want hypothetical hypnosis, are u fucking for real? easy to use suggestion with oxy therapy sexy. Drug and string'em out..people are drug addicted already.

Need drugs to help u suck dick? Cuz in ur right mind u wouldn't think to suck another man's dick unless forced on some level.

Riddle Me this: How does ur action alleviate guilt or shame? Oh, suddenly ur programmed, conditioned, and primed? Obviously male subs need sexually open sub women to help coax submissive into cock sucking.

That defeats Dominance.

I'll admit I am turned on by humiliating submissives, but I certainly don't want to fuck the sub I humiliated!! Ew!

I want to fuck a real man after session with non jealous drive!! Loving what I am bringing home to him.

That's Dominant not being ashamed of sex I enjoy :) Generally it's rare when I do enjoy sex. I bother not having sex a complete waste of time.

Why have sex when I know he'll finish in under 2 minutes..with a nasty wad. 15 yrs of marriage… hopefully annulled soon. I don't ever want to talk about this again. That will be fiction soon enough.

Sexual Assertion is important. I don't spread My legs to anybody. I can't imagine living My life sleeping with people. Definitely fun to fantasize :). Here on the phone restrictions don't exist. Excepts Niteflirt Terms Of Service.

02/13/2020 20:39 · Alisssandra

niteflirt sultrymissem and 1randisue

I feel these characters are randy hartman and emily wallgren…1482..1randisue strikes again

02/13/2020 19:53 · Alisssandra

randy hartman

Since emily wallgren owns and uses randy hartman. I'll simply abuse u sleep on the streets for ur bitch and suffer for ur lolita goddess.

I don't give a shit if u eat, sleep, or shit. I want emily to put ur ass down.

Let emily hypnotize u to a sweet slumber as My cousin Kelly was put down.

Killing him is a blessing. I want randy hartman piece of shit I married dead. Fucking closet fag! I hate people like him. Can't identify with his own sexual needs or wants.

Wanted to Fuck My Daughter and I up? Well, let Me fuck u up for a change. I think randy hartman fucked My Daughter. Can't wait to bring Mercedes in for questioning.

So be it, be her's 24 hrs a day ;) sleep where emily wallgren will have u :). emily wallgren will tuck u in at night. randy hartman is available 24/7 at ur disposal. My husband wants to treat Me like a bitch, I'll treat u like a dog.

he will NOT stay with Me to serve u. :) Assed out.

Fuck nasty, drugged, and infected women. No worries on reinfecting.

02/11/2020 04:05 · Alisssandra

niteflirt justjasmine, voice like candy allegedly emily wallgren


{{ :blog:2020:screenshot_20200210-103733.png?nolink&400 |

Voice like Candy possibly emily wallgren. She likes daddy dick!! bitch loves wrecking homes. gabriel, I can't wait to wreck ur home. Apparently justjasmine favorited Me on My birthday how precious.

emily wallgren allegedly has been working niteflirt since she was 16. bitch hasn't been anywhere, emily wallgren smart enough to fuck men in order to get what she wants. Days of emily wallgren and randy hartman are over. Cling to one another as I send both to hell in a hand basket.

Alleged Facts about emily wallgren, she's a content character. I suggest those she is blackmailing turn her in. Bc she's not real by any means or stretch of the imagination. Finishing school how about never left, works as a horse trainer, failed at psns bc emily wallgren couldn't hack the job.

If u have been away for so long why are u responding to any type of shade shows guilt, manipulation, and that ur innocent? emily wallgren. Such an alleged liar ;) can't wait to kill all of ur niteflirt lines. :) allegedly tell justjasmine or any content character anything. Allegedly she'll blackmail u. Good to see she put fake degree to use.

Jasmine told Me, she had a model friend do shoots for her so justjasmine had photos to sell. Remember vegasbaby…same fucking person. Gurl is fake :)! justjasmine modeled off of jasmine Ramsey, randy hartman's phreaky phonesex buddy. ;)

02/11/2020 16:59 · Alisssandra

My husband wants to be forced gay

If My husband told Me he wanted a cock shoved in his pussy, mouth, or give a hand job.

I would have never married town whore. he never told Me about infection, I married without a clear choice. I'm alright with fucking a town whore, but I certainly don't want to marry that. I would have repurposed My husband to be a gay escort to work for Me.

I want to fuck Real Men, not bois who are so confused they need to be told exactly what to do.

Bois like u have zero use for Straight Women, Hetero Women. I want to fuck someone who is just as assertive as I am in bed.

Want to suck cock for Me, better suck while straight, cuz if u can't suck dick while str-8. u have no business sucking cock.

Bi sexuality does not exist in My world. My husband closeted gay, wants a pretend marriage to prove he isn't a drug addicted cock sucking whore.

My husband can suffer for sex toy. I've put his ass out on the streets as he has done for Me. Treat Me like a Bitch, I'll treat him like a dog.

he can live off kindness of strangers. he has college girls around who want to party with his drug and disease infected mouth.

My husband cums in My pussy without permission 2 miscarriages, and an abortion on 2-11-16. Feels fitting the way I kicked demon spawn from My womb is day he's officially out.

My husband willing to sexually assault Me on that level. What else is he willing to do? I imagine what that sick fuck would do to Me. he says stupid shit, “You need to be tied down.”

Great My lame ass husband would allow infected men to sexually assault Me, and tell Me, “I wanted that bc I allowed him to tie Me down.”

emily wallgren allegedly save ur white nigga, he wants abuse!!! Better get it while u can cuz party is over. Please don't take My Word for it. When none of these characters come to live lines again.. :)

Fraud breaks the law….working lines when 16 emily wallgren….ohhhh…my my what do we have here? Don't want to believe investigation are in process. Wait till investigators come a knocking. ;)

02/10/2020 19:21 · Alisssandra

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